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10 seats

The rear-wheel drive electric car has impressive performance. With dimensions (LxWxH) 527x120x190 cm and capacity for 10 seats, it is capable of carrying cargo weighing up to 750 kg. Thanks to a powerful battery with a capacity of 160 Ah and a nominal voltage of 72 V, the golf cart can travel up to 70 km in summer and up to 50 km in winter without recharging. Attention is also paid to safety - two-point seat belts and a hazard warning button will provide reliable protection for the driver and passengers.

In pursuit of comfort and convenience, the electric car is equipped with various functions and accessories. A 4-wheel dual-circuit hydraulic braking system with manual or electric rear wheel drive and regenerative braking allows you to control your driving speed.

Lighting has also been improved - headlights, LED taillights, turn indicators, side mirrors and rear fog lamp provide excellent visibility on the road.

The battery is charged from a 220V household network, and thanks to an automatic charger with overload protection and a charging cable, the full charging time is only 9 hours.

With a minimum ground clearance relative to the threshold at full load of 20 cm and a maximum speed of 25 km/h, the electric vehicle easily copes with road unevenness and inclines of up to 35%.

Technical characteristics

  • Drive type: Rear
  • Dimensions, LxWxH, cm: 527x120x190
  • Number of seats, pcs: 10
  • Load capacity, kg: 750
  • Range on one charge, km:
  • Power reserve in summer: up to 90 km (+20 C, uniform movement without load)
  • Power reserve in winter: up to 50 km (up to -5 C, uniform movement without load)
  • Maximum speed, km/h: 25
  • Lifting angle of the machine with a full load, %: 35
  • Ground clearance relative to threshold at full load, cm: 20
  • Hydraulic dual-circuit braking system on 4 wheels
  • Mechanical manual or electric drive of rear wheel brakes
  • regenerative braking function
  • Battery type: (Lithium)
  • Battery electric capacity: 12 kW*h
  • Nominal battery voltage, V: 72
  • Charge the battery from a 220V household network without removing the battery
  • Charger, automatic type with overload protection, charging cable
  • Time to fully charge the battery from a household power supply, hours: 9
  • Ability to recharge the battery
  • Cabin and interior lighting
  • Headlights
  • Rear LED block lights
  • Direction indicators
  • Side mirrors
  • Rear fog light
  • Reversing light
  • Reverse signal
  • Windshield
  • Two-point seat belts
  • Hazard warning button
  • Dashboard
  • Wear-resistant seat covering
  • Wheel diameter, inch: 15
  • Instructions or Operating Manual for a self-propelled machine in Russian
  • Service book
  • Number of sets of keys, pcs: 4

It is possible to purchase electric vehicles and golf carts in other configurations and with other technical characteristics, please contact our managers for advice.

In the Concordia company you can purchase electrical equipment on credit or leasing. You can buy a Concordia golf car by clicking the«buy» button or by calling our managers. We deliver throughout Moscow and Moscow Region using our own transport. Delivery of golf carts to Sochi, Crimea and other regions of Russia and the CIS by TK. An electric car is the best means of transportation in environmentally friendly areas. All electric vehicles are provided with a company warranty.

Manufacturer / Country of origin
Конкордия / РФ
Speed, km/h
10 seats
Battery type
Battery capacity, kWh
Engine power
10 kW
Cruising range, km
Load capacity, kg
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm:
Additional options
Body up to 150 kg g/p
Van up to 150 kg g/p
Additional row of rear-facing seats (+2)
Rooftop solar panel with inverter
Increased ground clearance (cross)
Radio with marine speakers
Custom made seats (per row)
Custom color (standard white)
LED contour lighting
Golf Club Basket
Enlarged battery (230 Ah)
Parktronic with camera
Kengurin with reinforced bumper
от 2 150 000 Р
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